Interesting facts about vending machines

The inhabitants of our country, whose childhood fell on the era of the Soviet Union, of course, remember well the vending machines with soda water. By dropping three kopecks into the coin acceptor, you could get a glass of sparkling water with syrup, and for one penny - without syrup. In the USSR, these were probably the most popular vending machines. And all over the world there are a lot of them, and you can buy anything in them.

10 Interesting facts about vending machines

  1. Vending machines for newspapers were installed at many Soviet railway stations. They were purely mechanical, without any electronics. The coin unlocked the mechanism for a while, it was only necessary to press the handle so that the spring device ejected the newspaper.
  2. In Moscow on Chekhov Street in the sixties of the last century, even a whole Progress store was opened, in which there were no sellers, and all goods were sold through vending machines.
  3. The very first vending machine in human history was constructed by the Greek mechanic and mathematician Heron, who lived in the first century AD. This apparatus was intended for the sale of water in temples. The coin, falling into the receiver, hit the lever, the latch slightly shifted to the side, and a portion of water flowed into the dish.
  4. Japan has the largest number of vending machines per capita. There is one such machine for 20 people. In the USA - for 35 people, and in Europe everything is much more complicated, one mechanism for 120 people.
  5. There are approximately 20 million smokers in Japan. Therefore, there are many cigarette vending machines in this country. But, they are equipped with special scanners that determine the age of the buyer. Only after that, the machine makes a "decision" - to sell cigarettes or to refuse the opportunity to purchase.
  6. There is a gold vending machine in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. You can buy in it both gold bars of different weights, and coins, also made of gold. Moreover, the prices in the machine are not constant, but change regularly, depending on the rise or fall of exchange prices for gold.
  7. Vending machines for live crabs have been installed in the metro in Nanjing, China. The cost of the crab, depending on the size, is from 15 to 50 yuan. In the same vending machine, you can also select a sauce for making crab.
  8. Vending machines for coffee are very popular all over the world now. The first such device appeared in 1946. It was not distinguished by technical perfection, and the taste of the drink left much to be desired. But, the developers began to modernize the machines, now they offer customers a huge assortment of coffee.
  9. A tragic incident took place for several years in Germany. The robbers decided to break into a condom vending machine and take the proceeds from it. For this purpose, the criminals used a homemade bomb. During the explosion, a metal splinter hit one of the gang members in the head. He died in the hospital.
  10. By the way, impartial statistics claim that vending machines, as a result of accidents, kill twice as many people as bloodthirsty sharks.

    In recent years, more and more "reverse action" machines have appeared. They do not sell, but buy goods: bottles, aluminum cans and other things, which are then sent for recycling.