Interesting facts about phone numbers

It is believed that the world's first telephone conversation took place on March 10, 1876, when the inventor Alexander Bell called his assistant, who was in the next room, and asked to come in. The machines were connected by a direct line, so Bell did not have to dial the number. True, many dispute the fact that it was Bell who became the author of the first words on the phone. The Italian Antonio Meucci tried to register his invention back in 1871, but the company created by Alexander Bell was engaged in the popularization of the telephone in the world.

Soon in the United States, personal numbers appeared for subscribers of the telephone network. At first they were four-digit. Few could afford a telephone, therefore, 9999 numbers for one city was enough. With the increase in the number of subscribers, the number of digits had to be added. It was in the United States that the first seven-digit numbers appeared. Many subscribers were unhappy, as it is difficult to remember them.

By the way, how many phone numbers can one person remember? The possibilities of memory, of course, are different for everyone, but scientists assure that there are no more than 237.

In 1891, Elmon Strowger of Kansas City received a patent for a direct dial telephone bypassing a switchboard. Strowger can be called an inventor by necessity, he had a small business office making coffins. When the wife of his competitor got a job as a telephone exchange operator, he realized that his business was in danger of collapse, as it could be left without orders. It was necessary for a while to retrain from undertakers to inventors.

Once a lady friend told Albert Einstein her phone number, although she added that it was very difficult to remember it - 24-361. Einstein reassured her, “Nothing complicated. Two dozen and 19 squared. "

The idea to create a single emergency number in the United States dates back to the late fifties of the last century. Since 1968, this number has become 911, for the first time it began to operate in the city of Hayleyville (Alabama). Currently, the emergency telephone number receives up to 200, 000, 000 calls annually.

The most expensive telephone number in the world is 666-66-66. It was sold at a charity auction in the capital of Qatar, Doha. The number was put up for auction by Qatar Telecom. The number cost to the winner was 2 million 750 thousand dollars. The funds went to the development of medicine in the country.

In Russia, before the revolution, it was possible to call the desired subscriber only with the help of a telephone operator, who connected to the desired number. The first automatic station appeared in 1918 in the Kremlin. The numbers for the members of the government were connected in "order of importance." Lenin has 001, Trotsky has 002, Sverdlov has 003, and so on. The head of the Cheka F.E.Dzerzhinsky got the number 007. Does it remind you of anything?

The fact is that Bell's firm installed the phone. Dzerzhinsky's phone number was connected in parallel to the British spy Sidney Reilly, who could listen to the Iron Felix's conversations. Reilly received the callsign "Agent 007". Many years later, Fleming, who was also a scout, remembered his colleague Reilly. This is how the literary hero James Bond became "Agent 007".

On many sites of business ideas, you can find such an offer - to establish a profitable business deal by banknote numbers. The banknotes have seven-digit numbers. City numbers in metropolitan areas also consist of seven digits. Take a bill, dial its number on the phone and offer the subscriber to buy a "lucky number" from you. Naturally, at a price much higher than par.