Interesting facts about transport

When we hustle in a crowded bus, especially without air conditioning, at that moment we dream that public transport was not invented at all, and that people traveled on foot or on horseback, as in the old days.

Our problem began over 5, 000 years ago when the wheel was invented. Despite the age of the wheel, it took several thousand years for transport to develop as we see it today.

In 1640, public transport was divided into social classes: the richest people traveled in a carriage (up to 8 people), middle-class people had to sit on the back bench, while poorer people sat on the roof, above their luggage, at risk of falling to the ground.

The first bus was launched in 1662 at the initiative of Blaise Pascal and was driven by horses.

In 1775, James Watt perfected the steam engine, and from that time on, trains, buses, boats will all use the steam engine for nearly a century.

In 1807, the first steamer was invented to carry passengers. In 1825, the world's first public railroad was built between the cities of Stockton and Darlington.

In 1863, the first subway in the world was built in London.

Air transportation was born in 1910 with the first line of airships.