Where is Buyan Island

Remember how Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin has it in "The Tale of Tsar Saltan"

The wind makes a merry noise, the ship runs merrily

By the island of Buyan, To the kingdom of the glorious Saltan, And a familiar country

It can be seen from afar.

Everything seems to be easy to understand, with one small exception. And what is this Buyan island, past which the shipbuilders sailed and where it is after all.

In fact, Buyan was mentioned not only by A.S. Pushkin, Russian fairy tales, legends and epics have been told about this fabulous place since time immemorial.

According to Slavic folklore, folk heroes roamed this island far and wide in search of various magical items that could help them fight evil. For example, a mystical oak grows on the island, in the branches of which the death of Koshchei is hidden. There is also a sacred stone alatyr, which marks the center of the world. Whoever manages to find this stone - all desires come true. in addition, the most ancient creatures, birds and animals live on the brawlers, for example, the serpent, the elder for all the snakes, the bird, “all the mother birds”.

Following the ancient heroes, modern researchers became interested in the location of the island. It would seem Buyan is the ancient name of some real island, and one has only to compare the descriptions of folklore Buyan with the most suitable "candidates" on a geographical map, how the sought island, which has changed its name over the centuries, will be "identified" and identified. Many researchers declared Buyan of Slavic myths either the island of Rugen in the Baltic Sea, or Berezan on the Black Sea, or even the island of Sri Lanka.

However, the exact coordinates were never found, and the landmarks of the type "sea-okiyan", yes "the oak grows" and "The old bird lives" did not lead scientists anywhere. The disputes of the gray-haired husbands would have continued for a long time, but a way out was found, albeit somewhat not expected.

Buyan Island in the Kara Sea

In the XX century, a new island of the Severnaya Zemlya archipelago was discovered. And the discoverers, possessing a good sense of humor, decided to name this island Buyan. So now, if you are asked: where is the Buyan island, you can safely say that it is located in the Kara Sea, 500 meters from the Otkryty Cape - the southwestern cape of Komsomolets Island. The island is elongated, about a kilometer long and up to 500 meters wide.