Where is the Society for Useless Inventions

A very unusual organization exists in Japan. This is the Chindogu Society, whose members are engaged in the development of useless inventions. Moreover, about 50, 000 people from Japan and other countries of the world are in Chindogu. The leader of this organization, Kenji Kawakami, even wrote 2 books, which were sold in large circulations. Kawakami's works are titled "101 Useless Japanese Inventions" and "99 More Useless Inventions: The Art of Chindogu." So what are the members of this extraordinary society inventing?

Portable "zebra" for pedestrians, which is the most common rug with markings. In the right place, the rug should be turned around and cross the road. True, the instructions for this product say that on too congested tracks it is better not to use such a "zebra".

Shoe umbrellas. Two small umbrellas are attached to the boots and protect the feet from the rain. But in the shoes themselves you have to make holes for fastening, therefore, when a person walks through puddles, his feet still get wet.

A bandage for those who like to sleep on the subway. A special hat is pulled over the eyes so that the light does not interfere with sleeping in the car. And on the bandage itself the inscription is applied: "Wake me up, please, at the metro station ..." At the bottom there is a small transparent window where you can put a note with the name of the station.

Another useful, or rather useless, invention is a compact fan with which you can cool hot food. The device is mounted on chopsticks, however, the inventors assure that it will not be difficult to install such an apparatus on European cutlery.

Pyro for cigarettes. The lens to which the cigarette holder is attached. You just need to catch the sunbeam, focus it on the tip of the cigarette and you can smoke. This is not to say that it is more convenient than the usual lighter or matches, but how effective!

By the way, Kenji Kawakami formulated 10 basic rules for members of the Chindogu society:

- Chindogu are not meant for real use.

- Chindogu must be embodied in things.

- An integral part of every Chindogu is the spirit of anarchy.

- Chindogu - adaptations for everyday life.

- Chindogu are not for sale.

- Laughter should not be the only reason to create Chindogu.

- Chindogu is not propaganda.

- Chindogu are not prohibited.

- Chindogu cannot be patented.

“Chindogu is not harmed.