What did the Zaporozhye Cossacks answer to the Turkish sultan

According to legend, before sending troops to the Zaporozhye Sich, the Turkish Sultan Muhammad IV sent the Cossacks a demand to submit to him as the ruler of the whole world and the governor of God on earth. The Zaporozhians allegedly responded to this letter with their own letter, where, without hesitation in expressions, they took and expressed everything they thought about this. Although it has not been established for certain whether this case took place in history or not, since the date and place of the writing of the message are not known exactly, and there are also several variants of the letter itself, it is mentioned in the manuscripts of the 17th century.

Extract from the history of Dmitry Yavornitsky, kept in the Russian National Library in St. Petersburg:

Zaporozhtsy will answer to Mohammed IV Zaporozhye Cossacks to the Turkish Sultan! Ti, sultan, Turkish devil, i of the damned devil brother i comrade, secretary of Lucifer himself. Yaky you are a damn knight, if you can't drive a hedgehog with a bare asshole. The devil is hanging, and yours is being devoured. You will not, you son of a bitch, son of Christians with mats, we will not fight your way, we will fight with you with earth and water, tear your mother apart. You are a Babylonian cook, Makidon chariot, Jerusalem bravirnik, Aleksandr gozolup, Great and Lesser Egypt pig-man, Armenian villain, Tatarsky sagaidak, Kamenets cat, all the saints have a blazen, the Huspid's grandson and our grandson. Pig you muzzle, mare asshole, risnitska dog, nehreshcheny forehead, fucking vyob. From so tobi the Zaporozhtsi were told, pushover. Thou shalt not graze Christian pigs. Now it’s over, but the number is not known. The i of the calendar is not May, the month is at the sky, the year is at the knyz, and such a day is with us, like the i is with you, for a kiss on our asshole! ..

Despite the fact that many scientists are skeptical about this document, it went down not only in history, but also in art.

The history of writing the letter formed the basis for the plot of two famous paintings by Ilya Repin.

In Krasnodar, at the intersection of Gorky and Krasnaya streets, in 2008, a monument was erected "The Cossacks write a letter to the Turkish Sultan" (sculptor Valery Pchelin).

In the 14th symphony of Shostakovich, one of the parts is "The answer of the Zaporozhye Cossacks to the Sultan of Constantinople" to the verses of G. Apollinaire.

And during the Great Patriotic War, some partisan detachments, to the proposal of the German command to surrender, like the Cossacks, wrote response letters, where they justified their negative answer sometimes with non-literary words.

In addition, this plot was played up in literature and cinema. For example, a scene of writing a letter, citing the original text, is also present in the 2009 Russian film Taras Bulba.