How jeans appeared

Jeans so popular in our time were born completely by accident. A certain Belgian Leiba Strauss, or, as he was also called, Levi Strauss did not even think that he would give the world such comfortable and practical trousers.

In March 1853, 24-year-old Leiba arrived from Europe to America. All the wealth of the young man consisted of a roll of canvas, inherited from his father, a tailor. Thousands of gold prospectors then rushed to California, in search of the coveted metal. Leib Strauss decided to make money on them: it was possible to sew excellent tents from canvas, which were necessary for prospectors.

But the beginning entrepreneur was disappointed, there were no people willing to order tents from him, besides, one of the gold miners joked at the young man, casually declaring that the prospectors did not need tents, and “in good trousers you can spend the night under a tree”.

As it turned out, this unknown hard worker-gold digger gave Strauss a brilliant idea. If you don't need tents, why not start sewing trousers? He immediately suggested to the mocker to sew trousers for him. So the unknown tramp became not only the author of a brilliant idea, but also the owner of the first product subsequently of the world famous brand "Levi Strauss".

The tailor estimated his labor at 1 dollar and 20 cents. Levy gave half of this amount to his brother for thread and scissors.

The customer was very pleased with these trousers, and soon brought new customers to Levi. Less than a year later, Strauss opened his own trousers for gold diggers in San Francisco.

Despite the fact that jeans were very popular in America, they had one significant drawback: pockets quickly ripped from heavy gold nuggets. In 1860, the tailor Jacob Davis, who arrived in the United States from the Baltics, came up with a way to fasten pockets with rivets. But Jacob himself was so poor that he could not even patent his invention. I had to take Strauss's share and file a patent for two.

By the end of the 80s. In the 19th century, the price of jeans reached $ 22. Despite the fact that the gold in California dried up, the popularity of these trousers did not fall. Cowboys willingly began to buy them. The durability of Strauss trousers was legendary. It was said that one driver tied a detached carriage with jeans and drove to the next station.

In our country, they learned about jeans in 1957 after the World Festival of Youth and Students. It was very difficult to get them, but even the insane prices did not stop many young people.