Interesting facts about leggings

Interestingly, such a popular item of women's clothing as leggings was originally a type of men's formal military leather trousers and initially they were made of elk skin, hence the name. In Russia, leggings have been known since the 18th century, becoming part of the uniforms following the example of the Prussian army. They were very narrow, and therefore they were worn moistened, drying directly on the body. It was very uncomfortable and sometimes caused skin abrasions. In particular, because of this, the Russian Emperor Nicholas I suffered, who, after parades, could not leave the palace for several days.

Also, such trousers were part of the uniforms of the cavalry of European countries in the 18-19 centuries, including the Russian. In German, they were called leggings (Reithose), which to this day denotes the subject of a horseman's costume.

The Great French Revolution of the 18th century claimed many lives. So many that not all of the corpses were buried, most of them rotted, piled up in a heap in different places. So that the bodies of the dead and executed people do not "go to waste", the Revolutionary Committee gave permission for the processing of human skin in tanneries, especially since human skin is considered more elastic and durable than animal skin. Therefore, many French men in those days sported outfits made of human skin.

In the USSR, leggings came closer to perestroika. Young girls considered leggings worn under a miniskirt or under an elongated sweater as the standard. No one was embarrassed that in Europe such a "uniform" is the working clothes of prostitutes.

And now, after almost 100 years, leggings are back in fashion. This time women began to wear them. Now you can find the most unusual styles and colors of leggings. For example, in China, they released leggings with the effect of unshaven legs, which, as the creators promise, will make annoying fans stay away from you.

Thanks to spandex or lycra fibers, leggings fit perfectly to the figure, do not lose their shape, stretch well (up to 4 times), remove moisture from the skin to the outside, are well ventilated, and are resistant to stress and wear. And most importantly, they do not restrict movement.

Modern leggings are made from different materials such as cotton, polyamide, velvet with the addition of synthetic fibers to give the thing amazing properties. Leggings perfectly support muscles and give a feeling of tone, and also emphasize the beauty (or highlight the flaws) of the structure of women and the masculinity of men's legs.

Some kind of leggings are called leggings. The difference is that leggings (English leggings from leg - leg) are a purely feminine wardrobe item, similar to tights with an open foot, and are often translucent, but also have many colors, for example, such fashionable nowadays styles "under the skin", "Metallic", and with patterns, as well as in a mesh, while leggings are mostly matte or with a characteristic shine.

Leggings are often chosen by people leading an active lifestyle, for example, for running or cycling, because they are very comfortable to wear and pleasant to the body, create a feeling of "second skin" and do not interfere with movement.

Almost all artists of the rubber genre, as well as in balancing act, aerial gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, artistic gymnastics, often wear leggings during training and warm-up.