Interesting facts about the pillow

It is difficult to imagine a dream of a modern person today without such a simple object as a pillow, although in ancient times a pillow was a luxury item and an indicator of prosperity.

The first pillows appeared before our era, although they were far from what we now represent under this word. In ancient Egypt, these were curved planks, made in such a way as not to spoil the pharaoh's hair. They depicted drawings of gods in order to protect the pharaoh from evil spirits while he was in a dream. Something similar was used in China and Japan. Stone, metal and even porcelain were also used as materials for the first pillows. Similar pillows were used until the mid-19th century.

Modern pillows, as we are used to seeing them, appeared in ancient Greece. The Greeks were very fond of comfort, and the pillow was a cult item for them. The pillows were made in very bright colors with intricate laces. They were usually stuffed with feathers of birds, grass or animal hair, and the cover was sewn from leather or fabric.

The Romans were convinced that the pillow was endowed with some kind of magical power. Nero, for example, did not go to bed without putting a snake bracelet under the pillow so that he could sleep better. And Octavian bought a pillow from a famous Roman who was mired in debt, the emperor wanted to have a pillow on which the person "head over heels" in debt, slept in peace.

In Asia, pillows were no less mystical objects. In India, they believed that it was the pillow that saved the Buddha when he was exhausted from self-torture, there is a legend that the Buddha stuffed a bag with leaves of an unknown tree, and after sleeping on such a pillow, he woke up healthy and vigorous. True, from which tree these leaves were, still remains a mystery.

In ancient Russia, pillows were also held in high esteem and spoke of the wealth of their owners. Men, before fulfilling their duties as spouses, put an ax under the pillows of their wives. They were convinced that if you shout "give birth to a boy" at the most crucial moment, then it will happen. Young virgins, not yielding to men in ingenuity, put a twig of a broom under the pillow, it was believed that whoever they dreamed of that night would be their narrowed. In addition to feathers of birds and animal hair, pillows were stuffed with birch bark, dried medicinal herbs or buckwheat husks, which are very popular to this day, since, in addition to being hypoallergenic, they also have a massage effect. Which contributes to a more restful and sound sleep.