What is made of shit

Of course, it is unlikely that you can make candy out of shit, but about the other ways of using this product, I'll tell you:


Milorganite is produced in Milwaukee from sewage sludge and is widely used in the United States for grass lawns, especially golf and stadiums. The advantages of Milorganite include a slow release of nutrients and low cost.


Navel burgers - meat burgers made from human feces - were created by Japanese scientists in the hopes of solving several long-standing environmental problems. By isolating proteins from feces and adding an appropriate reaction enhancer to them, Ikeda and colleagues obtained a substitute for meat. This product contains 63% proteins, 25% carbohydrates, 3% fats and 9% minerals. To make the "meat" more like the real thing, a natural red dye and a soy-based flavor enhancer were added to it.

Kopi Luwak is a type of coffee that is famous for making coffee literally from the shit of a small animal from the weaver family - musang. The animals eat the fruit of the coffee tree, and the bones, along with the feces, go outside. This shit is used to make one of the most expensive coffee in the world.


The English city of Didcot in 2010 switched to household gas derived from human excrement. As Ruformator reports with reference to PhysOrg.com, biomethane is obtained from solid sewage sludge at a water treatment plant that was built in Didcot at the beginning of the year. The entire processing process takes about three weeks.


The Japanese use the pressing method to make from shit ... synthetic precious crystals. For this, a human turd is taken and compressed under strong pressure into a small pebble, which, after cutting, becomes part of a bracelet or necklace.


In Thailand, an elephant is a sacred animal, and paper is made of its shit. For every 10 kg of elephant feces, you can get 120 sheets of paper.


A certain Italian artist Piero Manzoni in May 1961 gave a shit about 30 grams of shit in 90 cans, numbered them, signed “Artist's shit and sold them at exhibitions to some lumps. In May 2007, a bank of shit with serial number 18 went under the hammer for 124 euros. Currently, cans of shit can be seen at the Tate Gallery (London), the Pompidou Museum (Paris) and the Museum of Modern Art (New York).