Who invented the jack

Devices similar to a jack were first used by the ancient Romans in military engineering. Using similar mechanisms, gates were squeezed out in fortresses. The world's first automobile hydraulic jack was invented relatively recently, in 1925. The author of this invention, the American Peter Lunati, came up with the idea of ​​the mechanism design quite by accident, during a visit to the hairdresser, when he watched how the master, having seated his son in a chair, easily fixed the latter at the desired height using a simple hydraulic mechanism. Within a year, Lunati manufactured a car platform lift with a central hydraulic stand powered by a hydraulic unit with a hand pump. The decision turned out to be so successful that over time, every self-respecting motorist began to carry such a necessary thing as a jack in the car. And even now, many state-of-the-art lifting mechanisms operate on the Lunati jack principle.

Source: forum.miol.com.ua