Who invented dialing on the phone

A patent for the first telephone with dialing and an automatic switch was issued in 1891 to the American Elmon Strowger, a resident of Kansas City. The inventor had nothing to do with telephony. Strowger was the owner of a funeral home in Kansas City and suffered losses when receiving orders over the phone, since the wife of his direct competitor, the owner of another funeral company, worked as a telephone operator at the station. The telephone operator directed all of the funeral home calls to her husband. Stounger vowed to rid the world of telephone operators and came up with a system that allows each subscriber to independently connect to the desired number right from home, without intermediaries. Strowger's PBX, which went into operation in 1892, became known as the "no dames'n'damns telephone". Strowger is also the inventor of the rotary disk dialer, with the numbers we are accustomed to today: zero at the bottom, one at the top, and the numbers going counterclockwise.