Interesting facts about lipstick

Most lipsticks contain fish scales. And every woman in her life eats an average of about 4 kilograms of this cosmetic product.

The average man, when kissing, swallows up to 3 kilograms of lipstick in his entire life.

According to scientists, when lipstick gets on the enamel, small cracks appear on the teeth, which ultimately lead to tooth decay.

Doctors, wondering if such cosmetics are dangerous for health, found out that lipstick poisoning is possible if you eat three tubes in a row on an empty stomach.

In the 14th century, the Catholic Church banned cosmetics: the papal bull proclaimed that women who dyed would distort the image of the Virgin Mary. Now the Holy Inquisition had the right to arrest women who paint their lips for sacrilege.

At the court of Louis XVI, flirtatious and loving men were especially painted with lipstick, who tried to highlight their lips so that they did not merge with a mustache and beard.

In 1915, a tube with a retractable cylinder was patented in the United States - the "lip" got a modern look, becoming a must-have accessory in any handbag.