Interesting facts about the space elevator

Scientists have developed a new system for delivering goods and people into space. It is called the Space Elevator and it works on a simple principle: a super-strong cable is attached to the space station and fixed on the surface of the planet, and therefore the elevator with a load moves to a kind of rope. The tether will always be taut due to the force of the planet's angular rotation. An extremely high tensile strength combined with a low density is required of the rope. According to theoretical calculations, carbon nanotubes seem to be a suitable material, they are 100 times stronger than steel and 30 times stronger than Kevlar. The most important thing is to give the elevator a good initial speed in order to overcome the gravitational field of the Earth. To overcome gravity, the space elevator requires 100 times less energy than is used today for rockets. The elevator is estimated at $ 7-12 billion and NASA has already begun developing this device. If this idea is realized, space travel will become one of the types of tourism. An interesting fact, the Russian science fiction writer and scientist Konstantin Tsiolkovsky used the term "space elevator" and described its device back in 1895.