Interesting facts about Christmas

'Klaxon' is a name that belongs to one of Santa's reindeer. The Klaxon is actually a powerful electric horn. Its name comes from the German meaning of the word "scream".

At Christmas, kisses are traditionally exchanged under the mistletoe tree. In ancient Scandinavia, mistletoe was associated with peace and friendship.

Christmas trees have been popular in Britain since 1841, when Prince Albert planted the tree at Windsor Castle following German tradition. They have been a New Year decoration in Germany since the 8th century.

The English Puritan leader Oliver Cromwell banned Christmas between 1647 and 1660 because he believed such celebrations were immoral.

Oatmeal was the precursor to modern Christmas puddings. This is due to the legend of the Celtic god Dagdeh, who stirred oatmeal, made up of all the good things on earth.

Gold-wrapped chocolate coins commemorate St. Nicholas who gave a bag of gold coins to the poor.

In 1999, Maine people in America made the world's largest Bigfoot. It reached 113 feet in height.