Interesting facts about the planet Mercury

Interesting facts "Space" Interesting facts about the planet Mercury

  1. The planet Mercury, closest to the Sun, always faces it with one hemisphere. In this daytime hemisphere, constantly exposed to solar radiation, the surface temperature reaches four hundred degrees Celsius. At this temperature, some metals melt, such as tin and lead.
  2. Mercury is not only the hottest, but also the coldest planet in our solar system. Even the small amount of sun rays that the farthest planet of the solar system, Pluto, receives, does not fall on its unlit side. Almost the entire "second" hemisphere of Mercury is immersed in eternal darkness and has a very low temperature, close to absolute zero minus 273 degrees Celsius.
  3. The diameter of Mercury is 3, 031 miles, or about two-fifths the diameter of the Earth. Due to the size of Mercury and its proximity to the bright sun, the planet is often difficult to see from Earth without a telescope. The ancient Romans named Mercury after the quick messenger of their Gods.
  4. Mercury has no moons.
  5. The sun appears to be 2 and a half times larger when viewed from Mercury.
  6. If you weigh 50 kilograms on Earth, you would only weigh 28 kilos on Mercury.
  7. Mercury has virtually no atmosphere, however there are small traces of it of some Hydrogen, Oxygen, Sodium, Potassium and argon.
  8. Due to the lack of atmosphere, Mercury's skies are black and stars can probably be seen during the day.
  9. It takes less than 88 Earth days for Mercury to orbit the sun.
  10. The surface of Mercury is heavily cratered and very much like our moon.
  11. Mercury rotates slowly on its axis. It completes one rotation every 59 Earth days.
  12. As a result of the planet's slow rotation on its axis and rapid movement around the sun, a day on Mercury - that is, the interval between one sunrise and the next - lasts approximately 180 Earth days.
  13. The sun's rays are approximately seven times stronger on Mercury than on Earth.