The most unusual water slides in the world

Nowadays there are water parks in almost every city. Many of them strive to amaze us with a variety of slides and water activities. And what are the most extraordinary water slides in the world that would be remembered for a long time?

The tallest water slide in the world.

The tallest water slide in the world is located in Brazil. It is called "Kilimanjaro" (Kilimanjaro). It was built in 1999 at the Aquas Quentes Country Club near Rio de Janeiro. Its height is 49.9 meters! This is the height of a 17-storey building. The head just goes round, being next to this giant!

It will take you a long time to climb to a height of 50 meters, and the descent on the Kilimanjaro slide will take only 7 seconds. And this is at a speed of more than 100 meters / hour!

By the way, the other highest slide in the world is also in Brazil.

This is the Insano water slide at Fortaleza Beach Park and held the title of the world's tallest water slide until 2005. Its height is slightly less, only 41 meters.

The longest water slide in the world.

Americans are big fans of roller coasters or roller coasters, when you, shutting your eyes, rush along steep turns, diving up and down. No wonder America is home to two of the longest water slides in the world!

These are the Wildebeest and Mammoth slides at the Holiday World & Splashin 'Safari, located in Santa Claus, Indiana. The length of the roller coasters just creates! "Wildebeest" stretches across the park for 520 meters! This is one of the longest water slides in the world! Only Mammoth is bigger than her. Its length is 537 meters. It was the water slide "Mammoth" that was included in the Guinness Book of Records in 2012.

You will cover the entire path (more than 500 meters) in less than 3 minutes. A crazy roller coaster awaits you, where instead of small trailers there are inflatable rafts for 4 people. During the descent, you will overcome steep ascents and descend from a height of 20 meters, whirl along a closed pipe until the water pushes you back into open areas, so that you can feel the most unpredictable descents. Such a descent will be remembered for a long time by everyone!

The scariest water slide ever.

The United Arab Emirates resembles a revived oriental fairy tale. Everything here surprises and amazes. It was in the United Arab Emirates that a water slide with sharks was first built.

It is located on the First Artificial Palm Island in the Aquaventure water park. The hill was named "The Leap of Faith". An extraordinary pyramid with a height of 27 meters rises above the water park. This is the Leap of Faith water attraction. An almost vertical descent awaits you from the pyramid. While you wait your turn at the top of the pyramid, you can watch the sharks below. It seems that the pool below is simply teeming with bloodthirsty predators looking out for their prey. You will have time to see a couple of sharks while you are swiftly going down the slide, before you hide from their greedy looks under water. It seems that the worst is over. But once you are underwater, you almost run into sharks. A thin glass tube separates you from them! It seems that you can reach out and touch the sharks. But the water rushes you through the shark pool. Adrenaline just goes off scale after such an attraction!