The most unusual collections

Millions of people around the world are passionate about collecting. Numismatists collect coins, phalerists collect awards, philatelists collect stamps. But there are also those who like to compose their collections from unusual things.

For example, a resident of Prague P. Gaini has keys, lighters, coins, boots, etc. in his collection. And the thing is that in his youth he was a hockey referee and collected objects that spectators threw at him from the stands.

In 1957, Danish farmer Hansen opened the world's first feather museum. His hobby began as a child, when he collected the feathers of domestic birds. Later, Hansen began to conduct extensive correspondence and unusual exhibits were sent to him from all over the world.

For more than 30 years he worked as a teacher at the school of A.I.Smirnov. During this time, he managed to collect a unique collection of ... school cribs. More than 6, 000 exhibits are carefully kept in collector's albums.

A. Lutkovsky, a collector from Novosibirsk, collects newspapers with the word "truth" in their titles. The collection includes more than 800 newspapers from around the world.

Vietnamese Wang Guohua has collected over 30, 000 unopened cigarette packs. They are glued to the walls and completely replace the wallpaper.

Becky Martz from USA collects banana labels. The collection contains over 7, 000 items.

An Irish policeman collects 50 gram bottles of whiskey. He has about 3, 000 of them.

But the fellow countryman of this policeman, the famous Irish football player John Aldridge, collected soccer balls. But not every ball could get into John's collection, but only the one with which he scored at least three goals per game. Aldridge scored a lot, so the collection turned out to be impressive.

Angelika Unfergau from Germany has collected a collection of 168, 700 ballpoint pens from 137 countries. The most valuable exhibit is worth over $ 500.

Betina Dorfman, from the German city of Dusseldorf, has over 6, 000 Barbie dolls in her apartment.

Dentist Kolpakov from Michigan has put together a collection of 1, 800 tubes of toothpaste.

Connecticut-based collector John Reznikoff cherishes celebrity hair. His collection includes curls of Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein and Marilyn Monroe. The authenticity of the hair is documented.

Englishman Chris Gower - owner of a solid collection of handcuffs. In his collection there are 530 copies of different times and different countries.

For many years, a resident of Norway, Kari Hansen, has been collecting everything that was washed ashore by the sea waves. The main decoration of the collection is a bronze necklace, which is about 2, 500 years old.