The most unusual weddings

On a spiritual level, a wedding means recognizing publicly and personally for oneself the connection with another person for the rest of your life. Members of some religious denominations even believe that marriage continues after life. For them, marriage is not only a union of hearts, but also souls.

There is great freedom in marriage today. It is only important that the setting has a special, sacred meaning for those in love. It can be a church, a stone circle, a forest, or a deserted island. Increasingly, people choose a special wedding ceremony for themselves.

Any couple wants that this day will be remembered not only by them, but also the guests remembered the wedding for many years. Weddings in the sky, weddings underwater, underground, weddings among fish, weddings in the jungle and so on. The more original and reckless the wedding, the more surprise the guests and vivid memories.

Believe it or not, the most expensive wedding in the world is listed in the Guinness Book of Records! It was worth $ 100 million !!! This wedding was arranged for the current ruler of Dubai - Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid al Maktoum. A stadium was built especially for this wedding. The celebration was attended by about 20, 000 people. The wedding was celebrated for 7 days!

Can you imagine a zero gravity wedding ?? But Erin Finnegan and Noah Fulmore could not only imagine, but also carry out! Their wedding took place over the Gulf of Mexico, several thousand meters above the ground on June 20, 2009. After exchanging vows, they sealed their allegiance with an upside-down kiss.

But Francesca Colombi and Giampiro Giannoccaro love to swim more, which is why their wedding took place under water in Italy at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea on June 12, 2010. This wedding was also original in that it was attended by 216 drivers.

The most truly romantic and probably exciting wedding took place in a balloon! The fact is that the basket can accommodate a small number of people, so only the closest people will be able to attend the ceremony. These weddings are most often held over the Sonoma Valley in California.

Also, lovers increasingly began to arrange themed weddings. They have become very popular now.

So be original and catch a lot of emotions from what is happening.