Interesting facts about Henry Ford

Henry Ford collaborated with the Nazis and was an inveterate anti-Semite. Hitler spoke flatteringly about him and mentioned him in the book "Mein Kampf". Ford factories produced military equipment for the Germans during the war.

Henry Ford pioneered the industrial production of cars and made them available to the middle class. The price of one car was just over $ 200.

Henry Ford was a staunch supporter of reincarnation. In particular, he believed that in his last incarnation he died as a soldier in the Battle of Gettysburg.

Ford started a car company when he was in his forties.

Famous American mobsters Bonnie and Clydes gave Ford a huge advertisement. Clyde regularly hijacked Fords. He especially loved the model "Sandy Desert" for the excellent quality of the steel cladding. Opened doors became shields, because of which it is convenient to fire. Even the romantic death of the gangster couple played into the hands of Ford - Bonnie and Clyde were shot by the police in his car brand. A photo of a brown Ford, riddled with bullets, appeared in all the newspapers in America.

Henry Ford's son, Edsel died of cancer. The father was not even upset because he never loved him and considered him a weakling.

Henry Ford's grandson was named the same as his grandfather.

Henry Ford chose black paint for his Model T cars, as black paint dries the fastest of all available at the time.

Henry Ford invented coal briquettes.

It took Ford seven years to manufacture and manufacture the first million vehicles. And after one hundred and thirty-two working days, in 1924, Ford has already produced 10 million cars.