Interesting facts about Vladimir Mayakovsky

Vladimir Mayakovsky was born on July 19, 1893 in the village of Bagdati, Kutaisi province. In 1940, 10 years after the poet's death, the village became known as Mayakovsky. But in 1990 the former name was returned. By that time, Bagdati had already become a city.

Many believe that Mayakovsky is a pseudonym. But, this is not so, Mayakovsky is the real name of Vladimir Vladimirovich.

Young Vladimir could not graduate from the gymnasium: in the 5th grade he was expelled, since the family could no longer pay for tuition. Unsurprisingly, there were a huge number of spelling errors in his manuscripts.

Throughout his life, the "poet of the revolution" was terrified of pins, needles and other piercing objects. This was due to the fact that in 1906 his father died after pricking his finger with an ordinary needle while sewing together papers. After that, Mayakovsky always carried a soap dish with him, he washed his hands many times a day, fearing to catch some kind of infection.

It was Mayakovsky who introduced his famous "ladder" into literature. But for this he was very disliked by publishers and fellow poets. Indeed, at that time, editors and publishers paid not for the number of characters, but for the lines. So it turned out that Mayakovsky's fees were much higher than those of other poets.

Mayakovsky was not only a famous poet, but also a great lover of gambling. Vladimir Vladimirovich sometimes lost huge sums of cards and billiards. Once he lost a game of billiards to the writer Vasily Borakhvostov. Not having the necessary amount with him, Mayakovsky wrote a letter of attorney to a colleague giving him the right to receive a fee for the article "How to Make Poems." It is not known why, but Borakhvostov never came to the editorial office for the money. Perhaps he thought that Mayakovsky's autograph is more valuable than money.

The poet Mayakovsky is much more famous than the actor Mayakovsky. But, he was very passionate about cinema, which was taking the first steps in our country at that time. Vladimir Vladimirovich played several roles, and also wrote screenplays.

Officially, Mayakovsky was never married, but there were many rumors about his love affairs. His beloved Lilia Brik, who was at that time married to the literary critic Osip Brik, Mayakovsky presented a ring with her initials - LYUB. If you read the inscription in a circle, you get the word "love".

But the poet literally saved the life of the Russian emigrant Tatyana Yakovleva. When she left for Paris, Mayakovsky transferred a large sum to the account of one of the local flower shops, so that Tatyana would receive a daily bouquet of flowers. It was these flowers that saved her life during World War II, when Mayakovsky himself was no longer alive for a long time. She sold bouquets and, thanks to this money, could buy groceries.

Mayakovsky himself ended his life tragically - on April 14, 1930, he shot himself in the heart with a revolver. Many fans of Mayakovsky's talent rejected the official version, believing that it was a contract murder.