From what French President Felix Faure died

The famous French politician Felix Faure worked hard for the good of his country and even became president. There were many plans, but fate decided in its own way, death unexpectedly overtook Handicap at 58 years of age. The memory of him and the pride of the French for their president is due precisely to how he died. In all the official encyclopedias of France, it is written that Faure died in his post, while working in his office. Everything was exactly like that, only the circumstances of the president's death were very juicy. But let's not get ahead of ourselves, I can only say that Felix Khor lived like a real Frenchman and died, too, like a real Frenchman - from love.

Well, yes, and then the native French "Cherchez la femme" comes to mind. Fore was rich, famous, smart, and easily won over women. And like any real Frenchman, he had a mistress. She was a well-known lady in high society, came from a wealthy family, and kept a salon. She was married to a famous artist, and from him she got the surname Stenel. The seventh president of France had the good fortune to commission this artist, and so he made the acquaintance of his wife Marguerite. In addition to money for the work, the artist received spreading horns as a reward when his wife became the president's mistress. In good weather, he visited her in the salon, in bad weather he called and summoned her to the Presidential Palace on the Champs Elysees.

On February 16, 1899, Felix Faure, speaking with Marguerite on the phone, asked her to come to the palace at the end of the working day. Some time after Marguerite's arrival, the servants found the president lying on the sofa, and half-naked Marguerite straightening her clothes. A few hours later, Felix Faure died of a stroke. According to rumors, the president became ill when his mistress had oral sex with him.

After that, Stenelle received a pun in Paris for the funeral home (fr. La pompe funèbre), which can also be translated as the death pump.

However, the story had no continuation. No censures, no devastating articles in the press, no scandalous interviews from the "witness" and no scandals based on the love affairs of the head of state. The loving president was buried with honors at the Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris. And in the memory of the descendants, only the final chord of the presidential career remained in the form of death in the arms of a young mistress, about whom many could only dream.

Speaking of Margaret. If her life was darkened by the death of her beloved, it was not for long. Mrs. Stenel quickly consoled herself in the arms of new lovers from high society, went to prison on suspicion of murdering her husband and mother, remarried and happily lived to a ripe old age.