How Sigmund Freud advertised cocaine

I was prompted to write this article by the comment of one of the users on the post "Interesting facts about cocaine", outraged by the fact that the famous psychologist Sigmund Freud was called a drug addict there. Let's see together whether this is true or an idle fiction of a dimwitted author.

There is evidence that in 1884 Freud read in a scientific work about experiments with a new drug - cocaine. Freud was extremely interested in the results described and decided to conduct a series of experiments on himself. The effect of cocaine made a strong impression on the scientist, the drug was described by him as an effective analgesic, which makes it possible to carry out the most complex surgical operations. An enthusiastic article on the magical properties of cocaine came from the pen of Freud in 1884 and was called "About Cocaine".

For a long time, the scientist used cocaine as a pain reliever, using it on his own and prescribing his fiancé Martha for migraines. In addition, Freud insisted on using it by his friend Ernst Fleischl von Marxov, who was sick with a serious infectious disease, suffered a finger amputation and suffered from severe headaches. To somehow alleviate the suffering, Ernst had long used morphine and suffered from morphine addiction. As a cure for the abuse of morphine, Freud also advised a friend to use cocaine. The desired result was never achieved - von Marxov subsequently quickly became addicted to the new substance, and he began to have frequent attacks similar to delirium tremens, accompanied by terrible pains and hallucinations.

But Freud's enthusiasm did not dry out over the next few years, he wrote a number of enthusiastic articles "On the study of the effects of cocaine" (1885), "On the general effects of cocaine" (1885), "Cocaine addiction and cocainophobia" (1887), devoted to the study and use of cocaine, and also made a presentation on the medicinal properties of this drug and the possibilities of its use.

However, the practical use of cocaine in medicine led to disastrous consequences, patients quickly got used to the new "drug", which killed a person faster than the disease that caused its use. By the beginning of 1887, science had finally debunked the last myths about cocaine, proving that cocaine is the new scourge of humanity, along with morphine and alcohol.

In the end, this was recognized by Sigmund Freud himself, who by that time was already an experienced cocaine addict. Which, however, did not prevent this undoubtedly strong-minded person from refusing to use this drug. Sigmund Freud then lived for more than 30 years, during which he developed his famous theory of psychoanalysis, and his ideas in the field of psychology received such a wide and profound influence that the name of Sigmund Freud is known to this day.