Princess Olga and her revenge for Prince Igor

In 945, Igor Rurukovich, the great Kiev prince, went to the Drevlyans for tribute, but not being satisfied with what he had received, he began to demand more, for which he was brutally killed by them. After the murder of Igor, the four-year-old Svyatoslav, the son of the murdered, became prince. Deciding that this was the best time for a change of power, the Drevlyans sent matchmakers, "twenty best husbands, " who came to Kiev and invited Olga to marry their prince Mal.

The princess pretended that the proposal was to her liking, and told the Drevlyans that she wanted to do them "a great honor." Having obeyed the princess, the next day the Drevlyans demanded that they be carried to her "on their heads together with the boat." By order of Olga, the boat along with the people was thrown into a deep hole and covered with earth.

And, leaning to the pit, Olga asked them: "Is your honor good?" They answered: "We are bitter than Igor's death." And she commanded them to fall asleep alive; and covered them ..

After waiting some time, eight more noble Drevlyans came to Olga with an embassy. The princess suggested that the ambassadors first wash themselves in a bathhouse, where they were locked up and burned alive.

After that, Olga with the army herself went to the Drevlyansky land, ordered the Drevlyans to build a mound over Igor's grave and began to rule the funeral together with them. This trip ended with the fact that Olga's people hacked to death five thousand Drevlyans.

Gathering a large army in Kiev, Olga again moved to the Drevlyans. The campaign was successful, but the princess could not take Iskorosten - the city where Igor was killed. After standing under the walls of the city for a whole year, Olga invited its residents to pay off with a strange little tribute: three pigeons and three sparrows "from each yard." When the delighted Drevlyans brought sparrows and pigeons, Olga ordered her soldiers to tie sulfur and tinder to the birds, tying them in rags. The birds flew into their nests - and the city instantly caught fire. The inhabitants of Iskorosten, who managed to escape from the fire and the sword, were taken into slavery, and the entire Drevlyansky land was imposed with a heavy tribute.

She traveled all the cities from Kiev to Novgorod and divided the whole country into graveyards to pay tribute. The word "churchyard" - from "to stay", it meant the place where the prince stayed, collecting tribute.

And 10 years later, the princess was baptized, becoming the first Christian Russian ruler. Unfortunately, she never managed to see the main fruit of her labors - the Baptism of her grandson Vladimir and the entire Russian land. But that's a completely different story ...