Interesting facts about freckles

Freckles are small yellow age spots on the skin that appear mainly on the face, hands, but sometimes on the torso. Freckles are caused by the presence of a dye called melanin in human skin.

  1. They occur predominantly in redheads and fair-haired, and much less frequently in brunettes. The color of freckles (the color of the melanin in them) can vary from light tan to dark brown, depending on exposure to the sun and heat. In addition, the sun's rays can provoke the appearance of new cannabis.
  2. Freckles are often hereditary, but the genes responsible for the development of freckles have not been identified.
  3. Usually they appear in children at the age of 5-6 years, and after 30 years their number decreases; turn pale in winter, darken with the onset of summer. If the baby suffers from congenital hypersensitivity to ultraviolet rays, already in the first years of life, under the influence of sunlight, inflammatory redness appears on his skin, turning into pseudo-freckles, which require special treatment from a dermatologist.
  4. The connection between red hair color and the appearance of cannabis is explained by the recessive gene MC1R, which is not manifested in all cases, but only when paired with a similar one: a freckled couple will probably have the same child, but if one of the parents has this gene does not possess, then freckles for the baby are not at all guaranteed even with red hair
  5. There are very few cosmetic products that can remove freckles because freckles form at the interface between the deep and superficial layers of the skin and the top layer must be removed to remove them.
  6. Until the twentieth century, it was believed that pigmentation and dark skin were a sign of low social status: poor people - peasants and merchants were forced to spend a lot of time in the sun
  7. 75% of men are sure that having freckles in girls significantly adds to their attractiveness
  8. Freckles are centers of concentrated tanning, or a kind of protection that protects the most important parts of the body from excessive light irritations. They appear in pregnant women in strictly defined places: on the face, mammary glands and in the midline of the abdomen, protecting the expectant mother from radiation.
  9. Freckles are fashionable for women from time to time, and marketers are taking advantage of it to make money. So, a decade ago, Lancome released a pencil for drawing freckles for those whose skin is not prone to pigmentation.