Who is which relative to whom

Relatives are an integral part of our family, but due to their large number and varying degrees of kinship, sometimes you start to get confused about the definitions of which of them to call. And so let's figure it out together:

Close Blood Relatives

Father, Mother - parents

Son, Daughter - children

Brother, Sister - children among themselves

a) relatives

b) consanguineous - by the father

c) uterine - by mother

Close blood relatives

Stepfather, Stepmother - Step Father, Mother

Step-Son, Step-Daughter - Step-Son, Daughter

Half-brother (sister) - children whose parents are married to each other, but do not have children in common.

Brothers (Sisters) of father and mother

Uncle, Aunt - they are to the child

Nephew, Niece - a child to them

Cousin (sister) or cousin (cousin) - their children are yours

Parents of parents

Grandfather grandmother

Grandson, granddaughter

Parents of siblings of father and mother in generation

Great uncle (grandmother)

Great-nephew (niece)

Relatives of spouses

Father-in-law - husband's father

Mother-in-law is the husband's mother

Father-in-law is the wife's father

Mother-in-law is the wife's mother

Matchmaker - the father of one of the spouses in relation to the parents of the other spouse, that is, the father of the son's wife or the father of the daughter's husband

Svatya is the mother of one of the spouses in relation to the parents of the other spouse, that is, the mother of the son's wife or the mother of the husband's daughter

Brothers and sisters of spouses

Brother-in-law - husband's brother (Eastern European dialects - Schwager)

Sister-in-law is the husband's sister

Daughter-in-law (daughter-in-law) - wife of brother (son)

Brother-in-law - wife's brother (Eastern European dialects - Schwager)

Shurich - son of brother-in-law

Sister-in-law - wife's sister

Spouses in relation to each other's families

A son-in-law is the husband of a daughter, sister, niece. In other words, a son-in-law is a man in relation to his wife's family.

Daughter-in-law (daughter-in-law) is a woman in relation to her husband's family


Godfather and mother

Godson (goddaughter)

Kum (goddaughter) - godparents of one godson (goddaughter) in relation to each other, as well as in relation to the parents of the godson (goddaughter)

I hope this article has helped to bring some clarity to the santabarbara of family relationships and you now know who is what kind of relative you are.