Interesting facts about nails

On average, hand nails grow by 1-2 mm per week, and toenails - by 0.25-1 mm. The complete renewal of the nail plate takes about six months.

Nails grow faster: in women than in men and in summer than in winter.

The MAN was recognized as the owner of the longest nails on his hands !!!! named Nelvin Faisel Boose (Guinness Book of Records). The total length of his nails was 953 cm. In order to grow such nails, Nelvin forgot about the existence of manicure scissors for 25 years.

Lee Redmond from the USA, on the other hand, has not trimmed her nails since 1979, her grown nails have reached a total length of 8.5 meters. The longest nail, on the right thumb, was 89 centimeters long.

The world's longest toenails are patiently cultivated by Louise Hollis of America. At the moment, the length of the nails is 2 m 20 cm.

After 20 years, nails grow more slowly.

False nails were invented by dentist Fred Sleck from the USA in the 60s of the XX century. During the work, severely injuring the nail and, in order to isolate the wound, put a piece of foil on the nail and on top of the filling material. When the "filling" dried up, he sawed down this material from all sides and was surprised - the false nail was quite similar to a natural one.

Only 7% of Russian men regularly get their nails done.

The root of the nail, which is hidden from our view, makes up 30 percent of the total length of the nail plate.

Nails grow faster in women, especially during pregnancy.

Approximately one third of children aged seven to ten, exactly half of adolescents and one in 11 adults bite their nails. (mainly due to stress).

The world's first nail polish (invented in the USA) was red in color.

The normal nail plate (even, smooth, pink slightly shiny color) has a thickness of 0.3 mm.

On the working hand, nails grow faster, that is, a left-handed person will have nails on his right hand more slowly than on his left. The opposite is true for a right-hander.

There is a whole branch of art called "nail art", which is essentially the art of decorative manicure and nail painting.

An amazing fact, the nail on the longest finger grows faster than the others, and the nail on the little finger, on the contrary, grows slower.

After suffering an acute infectious or viral disease, the nails begin to grow faster.

Despite popular belief, nails do not grow after a person's death.