What sacrifices does beauty require from different nations?

In some countries, there were (and still exist) quite cruel ways to make a woman beautiful (in accordance with local traditions), sometimes without her consent. Beauty requires sacrifice?

Representatives of the Padaung people in Myanmar, Burma, Thailand are called "giraffe women". They have a long neck. And this is no accident. The longer the neck, the more beautiful. At the age of 5, copper rings are worn around the neck. Every year the number of rings increases, making the neck longer. When a girl gets married, rings are no longer worn.

In the South African Ndbele tribe, there is also a similar custom, only rings begin to be worn at the age of 12 and this continues until the beauty is married.

The Tino tribe living north of the Amazon in Brazil has their own concept of female attractiveness. There, women with narrow, very elongated faces are considered beautiful. And so that their girls do not become chubby and thick-cheeked with age, mothers squeeze the faces of their daughters with wooden planks.

In Ethiopia, in the Mursi tribe, a girl with a strongly elongated lower lip is considered beautiful. And in order to achieve such beauty for girls of marriageable age, a special clay plate is inserted into the lip. The larger the plate, the more attractive the girl, and the more chances of getting married. In the Surma tribe, also in Ethiopia, ears are decorated with similar plates.

In order to appear more attractive to men, women of the Ainu tribe in Japan enlarge their mouths with tattoos on and around their lips, and also give it a shade of blue. In addition, according to their concept, it is not only beautiful, but also useful, as it scares away evil spirits.

Maori women in New Zealand created additional emotional nourishment for themselves through tattoo designs. As a rule, a tattoo for these purposes was applied in the area of ​​the lips and chin, as if activating the glands of internal and external secretion located on the face.

In China, until the 21st century, a small female foot was considered beautiful, so girls were very tightly bandaged to stop its growth. This procedure was very painful. But the girls put up with it, it’s not for nothing that they say: "Beauty requires sacrifice." The girls could not walk on their own either. But they were considered very attractive!

In the Tuareg tribe, in the Sahara, parents force-feed their daughters. And the reason for this is a kind of concept of beauty. The fact is that the concept of completeness in this tribe is associated with fertility, which, in turn, is the main dignity of a woman. That is why, if a girl has less than 12 fat folds on her stomach when bending forward, no one will marry her.

In general, if we compare the ancient beauties and beauties of our time, then, of course, we will be the first! Tall and petite, brunettes and blondes, with dark skin or snow-white skin of the face ... Fashion for appearance changes throughout life, but femininity, sincerity and kindness, and, of course, love will always remain in fashion.