Interesting facts about mother-in-law

Mother-in-law is the wife's mother and, as a result, the most "beloved" relative of her husband, who, thanks to her popularity, has become a hero of sayings, anecdotes and other folk art. According to one version, the word mother-in-law comes from the verb "COMFORT" and is Slavic in origin, that is has corresponding analogues in the Slavic languages ​​(Ukrainian mother-in-law, Bulgarian tseshcha tscha, Serbo-Croatian tashta, Polish tesciowa, etc.)

In the tribe of Indians, the mother-in-law has no right to look her son-in-law in the face and talk to him from the day of the engagement until her death.

Mother-in-law Bridge is the popular name for the "huge" pedestrian bridge in Odessa. According to one version, it was built specifically for the party secretary M.S. Sinitsa, so that he went to visit his mother-in-law along the short road.

In the city of Cali (Colombia) on the wedding night with the newlyweds, the mother-in-law must be present to witness the first intercourse.

Interestingly, according to studies, 82% of men consider their relationship with their mother-in-law to be good, and 26% of women are offended by their mother-in-law for trying to divorce them from her husband and meddling in her daughter's affairs.

Mother-in-law or mother-in-law love to interfere in the family life of their children, which is the reason for 14% of divorces.

LLC "TESCHA" operates in the city of Samara, the enterprise produces food products.

Once Yuri Nikulin, during a speech, taking a megaphone in his hands, announced to passers-by: everyone who now has a picture of his mother-in-law with him, he will immediately, on the spot, give a considerable amount of money. No one received the prize ... no one had a photo of their mother-in-law with them.

International Mother-in-Law's Day is celebrated on October 26th. This unofficial holiday originated in the United States in the mid-twenties of the last century and quickly spread to other countries. On this day, it is customary for the son-in-law to come to the mother-in-law for pancakes or pies.

Recently, a group of researchers from the Michigan Institute of Human Morphology came to the conclusion that living in the same house with the wife's mother is fraught with serious health problems for men, including even a decrease in potency. This happens due to constant conflicts in relations with the mother-in-law.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: The first thing I said to the future mother-in-law: "Your daughter has an amazing well ..."

Without mother-in-law, the history of the entire civilization could have developed differently. For example, we owe the discovery of X-rays to Wilhelm Roentgen's mother-in-law. Here is how it was. Wilhelm worked late in his laboratory office. Going to bed, the tired physicist forgot to turn off one of the devices. He turned off the light and went to the bedroom. An hour later his mother-in-law woke him up: “I was passing by your office and through the crack under the door I noticed that there was something shining. Go figure it out, otherwise I don’t know what to turn off. ” As it turned out, a screen with barium synergistic was glowing - under the influence of rays unknown at that time. If the mother-in-law did not notice the glow in the late evening, Roentgen would not have seen it in the light of day, and therefore would not have discovered the rays, which were later named after him.