The funniest reasons for divorce

People get divorced for various reasons, some of whom have not got along with the characters, to whom the computer is dearer than the wife, and the banal betrayal or alcoholism of the faithful is not a reason for divorce. But sometimes completely absurd things become the reasons for divorce, for example:

In Japan, the reason for divorce can be an indecent pose in a dream of one of the spouses.

The American Danielson, who prevented his wife Beba from reading detective stories, was recognized as a true sadist. In each new book, the husband wrote out the name of the killer on page 30, after which it was simply pointless to read the detective story. After examining the case file, the judge immediately granted Mrs. Danielson a divorce “on account of her husband's particularly subtle and cruel treatment.

Briton Neil Dewhart divorced football with his wife. As it turned out, the woman washed his T-shirt with a collection of autographs, which was classified by the court as a real act of vandalism.

In the United States, a wife broke up with her husband in 2008 after his prosthetic (for the purpose of enlargement) penis broke during sex.

Because of jealousy of his wife's beloved dog, the champion of many exhibitions, the German secretly began to feed her with all sorts of harmful delicacies. The poor dog grew so fat that it could no longer participate in exhibitions, and the wife, realizing her husband's meanness, In December 2011, a 99-year-old Italian filed for divorce after discovering love letters that his 96-year-old wife wrote to her lover in 1940s. After parting, they became the oldest divorced in the world.

After a beautiful wedding, the Italian couple decided to spend their honeymoon in Paris, but immediately after the honeymoon, the wife filed for divorce, because she spent it with ... her mother-in-law. The husband took his mother on a romantic trip, whom he simply adored.

Andrey Karpov from Murmansk, having lost a large sum to his friend at cards, offered to bet his wife too. Andrey's partner friend agreed and won the next round. It is not known whether the woman agreed to pay the card debt, but after this incident she divorced Andrei Karpov and is now married to his friend, who won the ill-fated game.

In Canada, a woman has the right to file for divorce because her husband snores too loudly and interferes with her sleep.

In the United States, the husband did not speak very flatteringly about the film with Jennifer Lopez in the title role, for which he heard a bunch of rudeness addressed to him from his wife, a fan of the actress, in addition, she took revenge on him for insults by setting fire to the garage. They were quickly divorced, but the spouse's claim for the burnt property was satisfied only after a few months.

One woman married at the age of 30, but told her husband that she was only 24. Ten years after the wedding in November 2007, he learned the truth and asked for a divorce.

The French woman decided to divorce her husband after twenty years of marriage, citing lack of sex as the reason and received compensation from her husband in the amount of 14, 000 euros.

The Nigerian court did not allow the woman to divorce her husband, who, according to her, has an oversized penis. The 22-year-old Nigerian will have to return to her family. So that a BIG member is not a reason for divorce.

In Saudi Arabia, a woman can get a divorce if her husband doesn't give her coffee.

The Romanian woman decided to divorce her husband because he flatly refuses to wear underwear.

And what were your funny reasons for divorcing your other half, dear readers?