Why does the brain need folds and convolutions?

The human brain is all in convolutions and grooves (military :) does not count). But how did he get them and what are they for?

The main part of the brain is the cerebral hemispheres. They are covered by the cortex, which stores most of the information. This thin layer of nerve cells, which is responsible for vision, hearing, thinking and cognition, is full of folds, convolutions and depressions. In a shriveled form, the cortex occupies 50% of the volume of the entire brain. But if you look at the surface of the brain, 66% of the cortex is not visible.

Scientists have identified the cause of the folds. As a result of the gradual development of the brain, nature has found a way to fit the growing cortex into the limited space of the skull - this is how grooves and dents were formed. That is, the human brain turned out to be "folded" in a certain way.

It is assumed that folds are formed in the process of how the processes of nerve cells (axons), which connect neurons into a single network, create mechanical tension of varying degrees.