Interesting facts about Pope John

According to legend, Joanna was the daughter of an English missionary in Mainz, and in her adolescence she got along with a monk from the Fulda monastery and left with him, in a man's dress to wander first to Greece, and then to Rome. There she caught the eye of Leo IV, who at that moment was the Pope. He, thinking that John was a man, took her into his environment and, dying, made her his successor.

She ran the Roman Catholic Church under the name of Pope John VIII for over two years. However, being on the papal throne was interrupted when she became pregnant and gave birth right during the church procession. After that, someone says that an angry mob threw stones at her along with her child, others believe that she was sent to a monastery for the rest of her life.

The Catholic Church completely denies that there was a woman on the papal throne, arguing that there is no mention of such an egregious case in the archives of the church.

This is where the story with the woman pope would probably have ended if it were not for an unusual ritual: starting with Benedict III, in 857, the obligatory sexual examination of popes applying for the title of Pope was introduced.

For this, even a special chair with a hole in the seat was invented. Only after loudly certifying the gender of the elected, the conclave of cardinals sanctioned him with the title of head of the Vatican.