Interesting facts about names

The overwhelming majority of Russian names are of Greek origin, and they came to us along with Christianity. There are significantly fewer Latin (Roman), Jewish and very few Slavic names, which include Vera, Nadezhda, Lyubov, Vladimir, Vladislav, Vsevolod, Lyudmila.

There are also Russian names that originate in Arabic, Indian, Persian, Syriac, Chaldean, Gothic and Germanic languages.

Each name signified something in the language from which it was taken. So, for example, Modest is translated as "modest", Akaki - "gentle", Kali-strat - "good warrior", Andrey - "brave", Niki-ga "winner", Aglaya - "clean", Glafira - "smooth", Barbara - "rough", Claudia - "lame", Vassa - "desert", Xantipa - "red horse".

At the beginning of the 20th century, the Orthodox Church established that Saints Inna and Rimma, whose names were considered female, were men and churchmen were ordered to give these names only to newborn boys.